LA TECHNIQUE DU PAPILLON® / THE BUTTERFLY TECHNIQUE® is a revolution in deep but natural mechanical stimulation of the vagus nerve. It restores the health and well-being of people by allowing them to realign their vegetative systems immediately through this stimulation, and stimulate them, including their immune system against bacteria and viruses (Covid 19). That is to say, all the physiological systems which, on the one hand, automatically control most of the vital organs of the human body, on the other, must watch over their day-to-day functional integrities. But all these systems have a natural tendency to go wrong, often retaining a long memory of these disorders. In particular with our current living conditions – hard and stressful – age or the most diverse combined factors: infections, illnesses, diet, lifestyle, accidents, addictions, etc.


LA TECHNIQUE DU PAPILLON® / THE BUTTERFLY TECHNIQUE® just stimulates mechanically the self-repairing mechanisms of the human body, which are underlying its physiology and which, – until the discovery of this technique (May 2020) -, had not been updated to these degrees of simplicity and amazing performance. The Butterfly Technique® is safe. It can be practiced by any adult, of any physical condition, at any age, except if he is affected by health issues incompatible with this practice. If you have a reasonable doubt, please ask a Medical Opinion to your Doctor.

LA TECHNIQUE DU PAPILLON® / THE BUTTERFLY TECHNIQUE® consists of two techniques. The Butterfly Technique N°1 is offered to the mainstream public on this website. The Technique N°2 is reserved to Health Professionals because of its power and its even greater efficiency, which requires the accompaniment of a Health Professional.

My fellow old friends,

The rapid growing of La Technique du Papillon® – The Butterfly Technique® (in English) outside the French speaking area makes it necessary to offer you now a clean-cut English version of this Therapeutic & Health Revolution. A single page & seven points as a start, and keep it short, simple, efficient – Perfection can wait 🙂

1. A summarized explanation of La Technique du Papillon® : click:


2. The reasons for its special potency and why it treats the most diverse pathologies

3. The method in one slide, or in a 6-points procedure (see bellow)

4. Advices for the daily use of La Technique du Papillon®

5. An updated list of pathologies relieved or treated by La Technique du Papillon® (Dec. 2020). We receive new testimonials every day

6. Instruction Manual + Reference Summary : our technical documents, in French and in a Word format. DeepL Translation may offer to you a roughly accurate translation if you like.

7. Disclaimer. Read it before using La Technique du Papillon®


1. What is La Technique du Papillon® / The Butterfly Technique® ?

Let’s simplifing everything by saying that it’s a specialized Yoga. It is besides a very simple manipulation of your body, done by yourself.

More precisely, it is a true Revolution in the deep stimulation of the vagus nerve. However, this stimulation only consists in coordinated movements of your eyes and your tongue (+ use, if you like, the GB20 acupressure points to enhance ++ its relaxing effects – see, (3) Method). What you do one or twice times, sitting cross-legged or lying down, for 15 to 30 seconds. One to three time a day. No more or less.


This Technique is efficient at 100%, in less than 3 minutes, as a start. Its effects are immediate. And then cumulative, by a regular and serious practice : the effects of the technique on your body increase with regular practice. You will be amazed – guaranteed.

From there and a regular use, you will discover what is known as The Butterfly Effect (or see our Discovery) : the start of your Health and Wellness Revolution, an optimal functioning of your body. And all this for nothing, no cash, just a few minutes of your time each day.

Yes, with La Technique du Papillon®, you take back control of your health and well-being, free of charge, without any risk, immediately. It’s a true Revolution.

As you see, everything is simple in La Technique du Papillon®. But it is nevertheless a great therapeutic, physiological, medical Discovery (May 2020), and a Health Revolution whose benefits are immediate & extraordinary. See our testimonials (in French) + Facebook page. Nothing else in the World can do that, that’s the basic fact.

And, as you might ask, « Ok, but who discovered that ? », the answer is: BulletPoint, a R&D company based in Europe that spends its time solving key science puzzles in all fields with another revolutionary tool, DeepSight.


2. Where does La Technique du Papillon® extraordinary power come from?

That’s all folks: in coordination with your brain, the vagus nerve controls and regulates most of the vital organs that keep you alive – heart, lungs, intestines, liver, intestines, etc + your spine, and all the muscles attached to it (that make you suffering very often) : dozens of organs are involved in this matter. Including your immune system that fights bacteria and viruses (Covid 19).

As you use your body and over the years, your organs wear out. They become inflamed and gradually malfunction: this is normal, they function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a period of 85 years. And, think about it… why would the mechanics of your body would have a very different evolution than that of your car?


Ultimately, it’s your moral, your mood, and your psychological and mental health that are upset by all theses internal disorders. Do you remember the last time you had a sore stomach ache for days? It’s the same mechanism on the scale of a lifetime.

For roughly the same reasons, the vagus nerve, which innervates most of your body, may be hampered in its functioning due to its damages + it is the only cranial nerve that can wear out.


If your organs are more or less out of order and your brain, via the vagus nerve, is no longer informed or very poorly informed of what is happening in your body, – in 10 minutes, hours, days, weeks or years, – depending on your case -, you develop disorders and inflammations that are out of control. And finally chronic and disabling diseases. See your Doctor, he will confirm. You know, when you faint, one second before, it’s your brain that has figure out that you were about to face a cardiovascular problem for instance. That’s why you had to be blacked out immediately to avoid a fatal outcome.

See : a short summary from Wikipedia (vagus nerve) : click :

La Technique du Papillon® allows you to stimulate your vagus nerve directly, quickly, and deeply – but in a natural way. So that, by functioning better, your vagus nerve can thus make you function better. With this technique, you actually trigger the self-repair mechanisms of your body, which it has from the very beginnings of your life – And what we have always known: it’s a basic Medical fact.

That’s it, to be short.

To summarize: with La Technique du Papillon®, now you have the key of the car: your body.

Of course, the physiological mechanisms involved in this technique are so varied and complex that it takes an entire library to detail them all, and probably several weeks. Are these details really useful to get and see the results? No.

Before the discovery of La Technique du Papillon (May 2020, France), there were many simple techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve. The internet is overflowing with these techniques – check it out. But the stimulation provoked by all these techniques is simply indirect, imperfect, slight. Consequently, their effects are much less powerful, effective, rapid, multiple, than those caused by The Butterfly Technique®.


3. The Butterfly Technique® / Method

Click to download. This summary presents The Butterfly Technique® in 6 points, and the simplest possible way. Please see chapter (4) of this page, – Tips for using La Technique du Papillon® -, to learn how to use the technique on a day-to-day basis.


4. Tips for using La Technique du Papillon®

Click for Tips. You know, this is really useful informations :


5. Updated list of pathologies treated (Dec. 2020) – for information only,

The Butterfly Technique® for what? By physical stimulation of the vagus nerve, depending on the person, the case, and to begin with,

••• In 12 hours, Deep and restorative sleep, immediate •••

••• In 24-72 hours, Drastic reduction – disappearance of symptoms of stress, anxiety, nervousness ••• instant improvement in ventilation ••• relaxation of the spine and gradual return to its original mobility (in particular: cervical vertebrae; dorsal vertebrae between the shoulder blades; lumbar vertebrae) ••• drastic reduction – disappearance of lumbar pain, back pain and muscle contractures of all kinds ••• massively improved quality of sleep ••• restoration of general mood ++, including in elderly people or those affected by pathologies and heavy loss of mobility.

••• In a few days, drastic reduction – disappearance of occasional or chronic foci of inflammation (all organs) ••• Drastic reduction – disappearance of stomach and digestive disorders (acidity, bloating, intestinal inflammation, etc.) ••• Reduction drastic – disappearance of chronic inflammatory syndromes: rheumatism, sciatica, incodiscarthrosis, fibromyalgia, functional colopathy, hemorrhoids, etc. ••• Drastic reduction – disappearance of addictions (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, stimulants), as an effect of the above benefits. ••• Resolution of tinnitus.

Change in mood towards a rapid feeling of « Well-being » ••• reduction / disappearance of depressive syndromes ••• spontaneous abandonment of medications and treatments taken as symptomatic. In particular: painkillers, anti inflammatory drugs, etc. ••• In women: notable improvement in pain and discomfort during periods. ••• Resolution of recurrent migraines. ••• Disappearance of headaches •••

••• After 2 to 3 weeks, ••• resolution of deep and old musculoskeletal disorders ••• disappearance of headaches and disabling chronic migraines ••• very significant reduction in the amount of sleep required per day, or even unwanted awakenings ••• Very noticeable shortening of the wake-up time (body-muscles, mind): muscular and intellectual awakening becomes much faster, it can be counted in seconds ••• Observation of a very high general mood (« fully healthy »), Including in the context of high stress ••• Significant improvement in the quality of vision, and reduction-disappearance of visual fatigue. ••• Restoration of a Libido & improvement ++ of sensations during sexual acts – men and women, all ages. ••• For people in good general health: in addition to gains in stress, sleep, mood, etc., a notable increase in physical, physiological and psychosomatic resistance to exertion; improved depth of breath and increased ability to recover after exertion ++ (these gains emerge after 10 days of practicing the Butterfly Technique®) •••

••• After 4 weeks, once realignments have been initiated, the observation of significant spontaneous weight loss without any effort, nor resolute modification of the diet, because 1. drastic reduction-disappearance of symptoms of stress, anxiety, nervousness , (spontaneously: less snacking, lighter or fewer meals); 2. drastic reduction – disappearance of various inflammations. So swelling and consequently ultimately water retention in the body – water constituting 60% of the weight,

••• From 4 to 5 weeks, resolution of functional colopathies and disabling digestive disorders ••• resolution of migraine syndrome or deep, disabling chronic stress (may be faster depending on your specific case) ••• Restoration-recovery of systems damaged nerves (nerves) ••• etc., etc. According to the people and their pathologies, the realignments are increasing, being multi-dimensional. Including on the psychological level. The Butterfly Technique is a global therapy for the body, stimulating all of its self-repair mechanisms that are present in it in their native state.

And all this is only the beginning of the effects of the physiological and psychosomatic realignment caused by La Technique du Papillon® … Please note that its effects are both instantaneous and cumulative, cf. Instructions Manual. This is why we we recommend rigor and regularity in the practice of the technique : by doing so, you will get the best out of it, every day a little further.

Healthcare Professionals and/or Institutional People must subscribe a Licence to use La Technique du Papillon® – The Butterfly Technique® in a professional context, free charge included. This license i) is valid for 10 years ii) also includes The Butterfly Technique N°2, which is even more powerful and efficient: it was discovered and designed for professional use because of its power. Its mainstream use is not possible for the same reason: it requires an accompaniment by a health professional. See: subscription + Disclaimer bellow.


6. Instruction Manual and Reference Document (for DeepLTranslation)

Click to download


We recommend DeepL, much more accurate than GoogleTranslation.


These are technical and educational documents. but they are written to be accessible to the greatest number : to understand them, you just need to have a body and being alive. 🙂



7. Disclaimer

This internet page, this website, all the documents and information they contain, – hereinafter the « Data » – are the exclusive property of http://www.bullet-point.fr / Charles de Mercy, except for the information already known in the Public Domain before the discovery of La Technique du Papillon®. Data, in particular those which are exclusive to La Techniques du Papillon®, have been registered at the INPI (French National Institute For Intellectual Property, 15 Rue des Minimes, 92400 Courbevoie, France) under the numbers and digital imprint: pwz2-679d-15gy-vjop and N° 4699188. Data are only informations Data are made freely accessible to the Public via the Internet, and free of charge for the Public, except for professionals and/or Institutional people. The latter can use it personally, in their privacy, and for private and free use only. Any use of the Data is carried out under the sole and unique responsibility of his user, under the conditions that he chooses alone, and which must be solely the act of one person or several private persons (see above). The use of the Data for commercial uses in a professional and / or institutional context, and / or Public or Private businesses, any kind of businesses, including free of charge, is strictly prohibited by http://www.latechniquedupapillon.com without a Licence (see below). Except in the case of Medical Researches, whose operators have to get us informed beforehand (we will be ok, you can be sure about that). Any violation of the rules of this paragraph exposes his author to legal proceedings. If you do not agree to the rules of this paragraph, i) please leave this website ii) forget and do not use Data and La Technique du Papillon®. http://www.latechniquedupapillon.com’s sole purpose is to provide informations to the public: it does not know its potential viewers-users, and each of them individually (and does not want to do so): this website & internet page don’t guarantee in any way that the pathology of a given person can be treated by La Technique du Papillon® and/or within what timeframe. Your physiology as your health concerns are always specific: the effects of La Technique du Papillon® vary according to this fundamental fact; your own experience will give you the answer. La Technique du Papillon® and The Butterfly Technique® are registered trademarks. The uses of these brands and/or the Data for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited, including free of charge (or, without a Licence for Professionals, see above, see below). The right to Quote is authorized, according with the Law of your country. Healthcare professionals who wish to use La Technique du Papillon® must purchase a License (450 euros excluding tax, for 10 years, which also includes La Technique du Papillon N°2, much more powerful and even more efficient: it has been designed for professional uses). The free and unrestricted use of the Data by any private person (s) in no way constitutes their sale, rental, loan, donation, including free of charge. The broadcast of the Data is authorized without reservation, under these two imperative conditions i) The Data must be broadcast as presented here, without any modification ii) The Data must be accompanied by a clear and visible citation of their source , http://www.latechniquedupapillon.com / http://www.thebutterflytechnique.com. © http://www.bullet-point.fr / Charles de Mercy, 2020, all rights reserved. Any violation of the rules of this paragraph exposes his author to legal proceedings and/or engages his personal criminal responsibility, in accordance with the Law of his country of residence.

The civilized people have basic rules, no more or less,



« At the end, with this butterfly Revolution, what we first discovered was the extraordinary efficiency of the coordinated movements of the eyes and the tongue, accompanied by the stimulation of the G20 points.Our others Discoveries are neurobiological. And what are talking about all these revolutions? They speak about a New World, a best one : A natural Heath & Care  »

Charles de Mercy, BulletPoint.

Fairly faithful illustration of The Butterfly Technique® effects after a few weeks of regular & rigorous use – that’s the key.

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